Generally, a ZIM-cooperation network is an alliance of at least six medium-sized enterprises aiming at jointly developing innovative products, processes or services in a technological or regional oriented network along a value chain. Its aim is the synergetic collaboration in various fields of technology from research and development to marketing.

The cooperation network “Business Indoor Coverage – Integrated Radio Access-Point” (BIC-IRAP) comprises experts from the fields of mobile communication and network technology. Within this extensive sector, the focus of the partnership differentiates significantly. The consortium covers a considerable portfolio of competences and emphases, beginning at the political-organisational support of the broadband market to specialisation in the field of network communication, planning and measurement procedures, from software as well as component development to the assessment of economic aspects and up to operator of commercial networks.

Commercial partners of the cooperation network are atene KOM GmbH (as the network manager), BISDN GmbH, brown-iposs GmbH, Gesellschaft für Intelligente Netze Nürnberg mbH, Hotzone GmbH, QUALIGON GmbH and Travelping GmbH as well as research institutes of the University of Technology Aachen (RWTH), Chair of theoretical information technology, TU Chemnitz, Chair of communication networks and the special field of signal processing. The project described, consists of five independently marketable partial solutions which result in the joint research and development project BIC-IRAP. BIC-IRAP addresses telecommunications providers, users, operators and investors.