BISDN (Berlin Institute for Software Defined Networks GmbH) provides platforms for delivering network functions as a service. Our SDN and NFV based service functions run on existing network infrastructure and in data centers of any size. We operate efficient and scalable platforms for delivering services to be run as software functions directly on the network. To that end BISDN partners with market-leading hardware suppliers and chip vendors.

Our modular carrier-grade solutions avoid vendor lock-ins. They allow easy migration from box-based to agile end-to-end networking and service elements. Multi-vendor, heterogeneous technology and resource environments are orchestrated into one virtualized network. Our solutions perform as well as traditional ones and better, are easy to implement, monitor and operate – thus significantly reducing investment and operating costs.

Ultimately we facilitate unified infrastructure services delivery, integrating vendors, operators and technologies.  

For the BIC-IRAP project BISDN develops local controller in considerations of the SBN/NFV paradigms in order to ensure an efficient control and implementation of the envisioned multi-operator capability of the platform. Furthermore, BISDN implements control procedures for the small-cell compounds with regards to network side handover.



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