brown-iposs GmbH

Brown-iposs GmbH is specialized in planning, optimization, design and operation of both mobile networks with GSM, UMTS, and LTE and broadband networks with WLAN and 4G. The portfolio consists of various project management and consulting tools, the radio planning software WiMAP-4G, as well as specifically developed products which are tested in the company-owned WLAN trial network.

Scientific studies, converting of measurement data, software evaluation and trainings complete the offer of brown-iposs GmbH. Brown-iposs provides customized and flexible solutions such as extensive measurement campaigns, complete on-site radio network planning in large buildings and storehouses, generation of specialized software for analysis and rating of measurement data.

In the BIC-IRAP project, brown-iposs’s task is to optimize the performance of the product in order to ensure a smooth network operation as well as continuous reporting to the internet service provider/mobile network operators. Moreover, brown-iposs will develop concepts, which will allow to create recommendations to ensure an accelerated network quality optimization. Furthermore, brown-iposs significantly contributes to the technical consolidation of the end product.



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