The "Gesellschaft für Intelligente Netze Nürnberg mbH"  is a consulting company that, with a dynamic and assertive team, prepares organisations on strategic challenges. We undertake restructuring processes, quality management and investment protection.

The term of intelligent networks is used in a variety of ways. In the context of energy policy, when it comes to the control of distributed energy utilities, in the construction of virtual power plants (Smart Grid) - in the field of Internet services, when it comes to the development of new services and the  construction of broadband networks. We look at the "intelligence of networks" from the very beginning. Due to the construction of the passive infrastructure and early reflection in order to provide flexible services, be it for the general interest or the consumer society, maximum efficiency and lasting investment security are contingent on how the "cohesion" of infrastructure is considered. Network infrastructures are growing together, the evolution can be steered and accelerated. Therefore, we give no exhaustive definition of intelligent networks, but we are devoted to the goals of your organization, your network infrastructure and your customers in order to offer the highest intelligence under the given circumstances in the future.

For BIC-IRAP the gin-n helps modeling the traffic of suitable locations inside and outside of buildings and the evaluation of the economic viability of small-cell networks. The gin-n is also assessing the assessment of the network and service architecture.



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