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Founded in 2007, QUALIGON GmbH is a B2B company which offers products and services in the telecommunications sector. Its main focus are the areas quality of services and quality of experiences.

Qualigon treats topics on quality from the customer´s point of view. It provides assessment of quality data by audits and test campaigns. Furthermore, it analyses the assessed quality data of the different mobile network operators. Building on the findings, Qualigon benchmarks the different operators and offers recommendations that lead to the elimination of identified quality deficits by optimisation measures.

In the context of the BIC-IRAP project, Qualigon is tasked with improving the performance of the end product. It develops measuring and benchmark systems in order to improve the quality of experience of the product by the end consumer. Furthermore, Qualigon works on end-to-end measuring robots (probes) and scout apps. For the phase predication and planning, Qualigon delivers solutions through the development of a test bed, a feedback system and the validation of 3D-dispersion models.



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