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The department of Digital Signal Processing at the University of Duisburg-Essen, headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kaiser, has been established in April,  2011. DSV is an inter-disciplinary interface between engineering sciences and industry, focussing on four future-oriented fields: Extreme Bandwidth, Cognitive Radio, Indoor Localisation, and RFID Signal Processing.

The research and development activities are performed by four intensively-cooperating  research groups working on Algorithm Design and Analysis, Embedded Signal Processing, System Simulation and Measurement and Software Configurable Platforms and Prototyping respectively. Supported by national and international public funded projects (e.g. kogLTE - German BMBF, ABSOLUTE, EC FP7) DSV developed among other things a LTE/LTE-A testbed, which is based on commercial platforms and extended by cognitive mechanisms for spectrum awareness and dynamic spectrum allocation.

In the context of BIC-IRAP, the institute contributes to an efficient control and implementation of the multi-operator capability. The institute is, moreover, tasked with the implementation of PHY-Stack in LTE- Small Cells in the range from 400 MHz to 4 GHz and the supervision of the implementation of the L2/L3- Stack for MOCN integration.



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